Abstracts from Select Conference Presentations

Gendered Body Doubles–Mannequins in/& Modernism

Performative Mult-Modal Argument Presentations

Ernest Hemingway Aficionado Flâneur: Bullfighting and Modern Spectatorship

“Was Sartorial Student—am now Sartorial Stylist!”

No Place Like Home: Hemingway’s Uncanny Homelands

Modern “Man of the Crowd”: Ernest Hemingway’s Post-War Wounded Flâneur

Navigating the Borders of Social Respectability: Sartorial Class Consciousness in Jean Rhys and Carolyn Steedman

Sartorial Primal Scenes

Fashioning Passing in Harlem Renaissance Novels

When Gangster Eyes are Smiling: Reading The Great Gatsby as s Gangster Novel

Refashioning Flânnerie

Clothes Make the Flaneuse

Modernism’s Underwear

Social and Sartorial Elitism and the Dandy Figure in the Fiction of F. Scott Fitzgerald