PRELIM 8: Evolving Annotated Bibliography

First, sign in to your WordPress website (or other blog host program).
Second, choose “Posts” or “Add New” located in the left hand menu of the Dashboard.

      1. “Add New” (to start with a completely new Blog Post)
      2. You can add text by copying + pasting from another text file (i.e. MS Word, .pages, etc.) OR by typing in the window. For example:                 Dick, Philip K. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Thorpe, Ulverscroft,  2018.                                                                                                                     [Novel Chapter] In a future where most animals are a rare commodity, bounty hunter Rick Deckard tracks deviant androids, hoping to earn enough money to purchase a living sheep (as opposed to the robotic one that he already possesses). In the process, he falls in love with an android. Struck by this unprecedented dilemma, Deckard struggles to differentiate between humanity and inhumanity as he reassesses his situation. Since my essay focuses on the portrayal of robots in media, this classic felt like the perfect reference point. As Deckard realizes the dangers associated with making androids as human as possible, I see a chance to analyze why the androids even need to be human-like in the first place. The book also provides an opportunity to define androids in the context of classic fiction, setting a reference point for the reader audience. Plus, the novel opens the following discussions: What makes a human? What about the androids makes their emotions so uncanny? Why give them the ability to emote in the first place? Are they meant to be better than us? If so, again, why give them emotions? And so on.
    1. You can also upload each installment of PRELIM 8 in PDF format to the composition window by clicking the “Add Media” button OR by adding these documents to Media in the Dashboard menu. For example:       PRELIM 8 Evolving Annotated Bibliography
    2. If you have images, upload them to the Media library by clicking on the Media item in the Dashboard menu. Then choose “Add Media” at the top of the composition window menu to add them where you want to place them in the Post. Here is an example:You can include an image or link to a video or other source in the annotation beneath your bibliographic citation. When you add sources or links to sources to a Post, you can edit the entries on the Post by revising or adding annotations, and also by making to annotate your own Post.
    3. If you have links to web-based sources you have found doing your own research, such as web-pages, images, or audio or audiovisual material,  you can include them in the Post by clicking on the “link” icon in the composition window menu, typing the URL, and typing title information for the source. For example: “She’s a Replicant” from Bladerunner (1982).
    5. PUBLISH your Post or schedule your Post to be published on a particular date. You can also un-publish a Post while you are in the process of revising entries or adding new entries to PRELIM 8.

Propose your Research Topic as a Movie Pitch (or Trailer)

How to Write Your Topic up as a Movie Pitch or Trailer:

* Be Brief + Detailed + Specific + Concise [2-3 minutes]
* Include significant information w/succinct language + keyterms
* Set a Tone appropriate for the Topic!
* Incorporate Important Research Keyterms
* Write for a possible Audience . . . to Persuade them
* Use questioning or other hook strategies to draw an Audience in . . .
* Imply Motive (why is the topic/potential argument important?)
* Evoke Stance (To what extent am I invested in this topic+ why?
* Exhibit credible ethos, but be interesting, provocative, controversial
* An Audience should want to read the essay after hearing the Pitch!
* Note the Conversation(s) you are entering
* Gesture to a specific Thesis argument or possible arguments
* Don’t give it away! (No Argument Plot Summaries or Spoilers!)

You will present their Research Topic as a Movie Pitch or Movie Trailer in class on Tuesday, November 10th! 

If you want to sound like Movie Man Voice!

“Meet the Epic Voice Behind Movie Trailers”


Movie Pitch Text + Movie Trailer for The Last Sumurai

Official Movie Trailer for The Last Sumurai


Example Trailers


Pulp Fiction

Blair Witch Project

Forrest Gump

Opening for the original Star Trek TV series

Space, the final frontier
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise
Its five year mission
To explore strange new worlds
To seek out new life
And new civilizations
To boldly go where no man has gone before

Example Student Movie Pitch as a Movie Trailer

His Life, His Way (Frank Sinatra as American Gangster)

The Inadequacy of Memory, Photography, and Dreams (an uncanny poem)

The Inadequacy of Memory, Photography, and Dreams

Oh, father! Art thou in oblivion?
Beyond the scope of any visual lens?
In an unparalleled universe of sparks
And hopeless impulsive flashes
Of neon-creviced memory?

Where can I find your smell?
Your laughter?  Your pensive sulk?
Those dark grey eyes that reflected
A wearied bitterness for the boundaries of your pre-mortem existence?

Watching too much television–
Penciling in wrong answers to finish the crossword–
Picking catshit out of a litter box too unwieldy for you to lift–
Folding laundry & lighting cigarettes you chain-smoked with your good hand–
Dropping loaves of bread you cradled in your arms like babies as you shuffled from grocery shelf to grocery cart, while I hid in another aisle so you couldn’t see me crying–
Draining the last can of Miller High Life, which only every brought you down–

You are two-dimensional in photographs where you smile a premature old-man’s grimace and slump in defeated body posture.

You are two-dimensional in my dreams where you crack and fall apart and die all over again while I collect fragments that refuse to fit when I try to put you back together. Again. And again.

You left no words—written or spoken—that hold your Brooklyn accent or the molasses baritone timbre of your voice.

You are strangely present in those blistering pictures and in my Surrealist dreams, your silence pensively distant and helpless, so eerily yet alarmingly yourself that I can almost feel your nearness…

But you remain a virtual intangibility, a dimensionless phantom, hovering in absence, a chilly fog that never burns off, an impish ghost playing hide and seek with the key I need to unlock Sorrow’s door to pass over the threshold between us.

A Poem about Rain + Wind and Photos of Kneeling, Lodged, Broken (and Dead) Tree Limbs


The rain to the wind said,
“You push and I’ll pelt.”
They so smote the garden bed
That the flowers actually knelt,
And lay lodged, though not dead.

I know how those flowers felt.

–Robert Frost


And the Norman Ice Storm Outage Odyssey continues . . .

It’s been over 48 hours that our research librarian, Cheryl McCain, and I have been without power or WiFi access. Neither of us are likely not have power restored until next Monday.

Thus, we have arranged to CANCEL today’s VIDC and RESCHEDULE the Zoom sessions for D&D Library Research Orientation for Thursday, November 5th. Those of you who have completed your Essay 2 RIP/IBD Drafts can do the Double Roadmap Peer Review asynchronously some time between today and the weekend. I have determined pairs based upon a) common argument focuses and b) drafts completed.

I will send additional reminders over the weekend and throughout next week about these deadlines, what’s due for our next VIDC class meeting (along with Cheryl McCains Zoom Invite) which will be on Thursday, November 5th. 

The result of this decision has produced several (mostly positive) consequences–mostly affecting due dates.

About PRELIM 7 Research Proposals + Library Research Orientation + PRELIM 8 

  • The extended deadline for submitting PRELIM 7a on Canvas is now by class time on Thursday, November 5th
  • The new deadline for completing PRELIM 7b + the Movie Pitch Research Presentations is Tuesday, November 10th [Movie Pitch Presentations are due in class; Formal Research Proposals are due by 11:59pm]
  • Installment #1 of PRELIM 8: Evolving Annotated Bibliography [EAB] has also been pushed back a week to Monday, November 16th [you will be writing/maintaining/revising your EAB on your D&D Blog, so if you still haven’t set up your blog–get right on that! Just Do It!

Regarding Unit 3 Course Readings/Films:

  • We will still have our first discussion, freewrite, + Google Doc collaboration for  Us + Chapters 1-3 of Brave New World by or on Thursday, November 12th.

Regarding Unit 2 PRELIMs + Freewrites + Essay 2 Assignments

  • I have extended deadlines for  most Unit 2 PRELIMS + Freewrites to Saturday, October 31. This is a hard deadline that will not be extended any further.
  • The new deadline for Essay 2 Conference Drafts is Friday, October 30. This is also a hard deadline. I am unlikely to have power or WiFi, so we likely won’t be able to have a Zoom Conference, but you will still receive written feedback on Canvas. If you can complete the Conference Draft earlier, please do so you can use  my feedback to write an RIP/IBD draft + participate in RIP/IBD workshop.
  • Students who have completed an RIP/IBD Draft can do the Double Roadmap Argument Peer Review between today and this weekend.  The assignment folder will lock on Saturday, October 31.
  • Essay 2 Final Revisions + Roadmaps + Cover Letters are now due on Monday, November 2nd [you can request a 1-day  extension 24 hours before if you need an extra day]. You will still have at least 2 days to work on PRELIM 7a.

I know that many students are also without power or heat or Wifi or hot water.  If you are without any of the above, I hope your own living and working situations improve as quickly as possible!

Dr. Mintler