Midterm Election Fraud? Really? In 2018?

Just one example of the many instances of voter fraud plotted during the 2018 midterm elections…

North Carolina Election Fraud Hearings

“In early December, the bipartisan agency had refused to certify the election results because of irregularities discovered with hundreds of mail-in ballots, most of which had originated in Bladen County. In the course of last week’s hearings, in Raleigh, investigators laid out their case—based on at least a hundred and seventy-two interviews and tens of thousands of pages of records—that the election had been tainted by a “coordinated, unlawful, and substantially resourced absentee ballot scheme.” At the center of the scandal was the Republican operative Harris had employed in Bladen County, Leslie McCrae Dowless, whose operation, according to investigators, included filling out at least a thousand mail-in-ballot requests, many without voters’ knowledge, and deploying a team of friends, family members, and other associates to pose as election officials and collect them. Votes for Democrats were allegedly tossed out, and everything else was cast—or altered—for Harris.Among the important questions to be answered at the hearings was what Harris knew about Dowless’s scheme, and when he knew about it.”

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