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Economic Power and the Female Expatriate Consumer Artist in The Garden of Eden

From Aesthete to Gangster: The Dandy Figure in the Novels of F. Scott Fitzgerald

Book Review of Shira Tarrant’s When Sex Became Gender

Artist as Consumer Modernist


Projects in Development

“No Place Like Home: Hemingway’s Uncanny Homelands” (under review)

“Was Sartorial Student–Now Sartorial Stylist: the Evolution of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Sartorial Style” (invited article)

Modern “Man of the Crowd”: Ernest Hemingway’s Post-War Flâneur (book)

Fashioning Identity in the Modernist Novel (book)

“Reading The Great Gatsby as a Gangster Novel” (article)

“Sartorial Primal Scenes: Ur-Moments in the Lives of Modernist Writers” (article/book chapter)


Selected Conference Presentation Abstracts

Ernest Hemingway Aficionado Flâneur: Bullfighting and Modern Spectatorship

Was Sartorial Student–Am Now Sartorial Stylist!

Bordering on Respectable: Class, Femininity, & the Sartorial Panacea in the Fiction of Jean Rhys

Sartorial Primal Scenes:Clothing the Boundaries of Modernist Identity

Hemingway’s Uncanny Homelands

When Gangster Eyes are Smiling: Reading & Teaching The Great Gatsby as a Gangster Novel

Dressed in Whiteface: [Re]Fashioning Passing in the Harlem Renaissance Novel

Refashioning Flânerie:the Urban Flâneuse & Women’s Experiences of the Modern City

Solitaire Ambulante:Hemingway’s Modern “Man of the Crowd”—the Post-War Journalist Flaneur

Bloomsbury’s Underwear: The Petticoat and Other Sartorial Fetishes

Social and Sartorial Elitism and the Dandy Figure in the Fiction of F. Scott Fitzgerald

Consuming Misogynist Currencies: De/Valuing Women in Public Circulation

Consuming Sex & Gender in The Garden of Eden: Economic Power & the Female Expatriate Consumer