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Catherine R. Mintler, Ph.D.
University of Oklahoma
Expository Writing Probram
401 Brooks Street
Room 4, Norman, Oklahoma 73019

University of Oklahoma
Lecturer, Expository Writing Program  2008-
Lecturer, Honors College  2010-2011

University of Nevada, Reno
Lecturer in English and Core Writing  2005-08

University of Oklahoma
Interim Director, Expository Writing Program, 2017-2019
Writing Enriched Curriculum Coordinator,  2013-17

University of Nevada, Reno
Assistant Director, Core Writing Program  2005-08

University of Illinois, Chicago
Assistant Director of Undergraduate English  2002-03

University of Illinois, Chicago
PhD in English  2008
Graduate Certificate, Gender and Women’s Studies  2006
MA in English, 2000
M.Ed. in Education and Instructional Leadership  1994

DePaul University
BA cum laude in English, Philosophy, Creative Writing  1991

“No Place Like Home: Hemingway’s Uncanny Homelands.” (currently under consideration at the Hemingway Review)

“Was Sartorial Student—am now Sartorial Stylist! The Evolution of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Sartorial Style.” (Invited submission–F. Scott Fitzgerald Review)

“Economic Power and the Female Expatriate Consumer Artist in The Garden of Eden.” Teaching Hemingway and Gender. Ed. Verna Kale. Kent, Ohio: Kent State University Press, 2016

“From Aesthete to Gangster: the Dandy Figure in the Novels of F. Scott Fitzgerald.” The F. Scott Fitzgerald Review, Vol. 8, 2010: 104-129

Book Reviews
“The Artist as…Consumer Modernist.” Review of Paul Fortunato’s Modernist Aesthetics and Consumer Culture in the Writings of Oscar Wilde. The Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature, Vol. 62, No. 2 (Fall 2008): 132-35

“Review of When Sex Became Gender.” Journal of International Women’s Studies, Vol. 9, No. 3 (May, 2008): 346-349

Modern “Man of the Crowd”: Ernest Hemingway’s Post-War Flâneur 
Fashioning Identity in the Modernist Novel 

“Reading The Great Gatsby as a Gangster Novel”

“Sartorial Primal Scenes: Sartorial Ur-Moments in the Lives of Modernist Writers”

University of Oklahoma Presidential International Travel Fellowship  2014
University of Oklahoma Research and Travel Fellowship  2011
Hemingway Foundation and Society Smith-Reynolds Founders Fellowship  2007
Honorable Mention. University of Illinois, Chicago, Center for Research on Women and Gender, Alice J. Dan Dissertation Award  2007
University of Nevada, Reno Regents Academy Fellow  2006
Annette Kolodny Award. Women’s Consortium of the Modern Languages  2005
University of Illinois, Chicago, Gender & Women’s Studies Graduate Award 2005
NEH Fellowship 2000
University of Chicago Fry Fellowship, “Teaching Fiction”  (Wayne C. Booth)  1995

“Peripatetic Papa: Writing in More than One Place” to be presented at the Ernest Hemingway Society 19th Biennial International Hemingway Conference.
Wyoming/Montana. July 2020

“Ernest Hemingway Aficionado Flâneur: Bullfighting and Modern Spectatorship” to be presented at the Ernest Hemingway Society 18th Biennial International Conference, Paris, France. July 2018

“The Post-War, Wounded, Soldier Flâneur in the novels of Ernest Hemingway” to be presented on the Ernest Hemingway Society sponsored panel Ambulance Driver: Hemingway and the First World War at the American Literature Association 29th Annual Conference, San Francisco, California. May 2018

“Was Sartorial Student—am now Sartorial Stylist” to be presented at the 14TH International F. Scott Fitzgerald Society Conference, St. Paul, Minnesota, June 2017

“Sartorial Primal Scenes: Clothing and the Boundaries of Modernist Identity,” Midwest Modern Language Association Convention, St. Louis, November 2016

“Bordering on Respectable: Class, Femininity, & the Sartorial Panacea in the Fiction of Jean Rhys,” Midwest Modern Language Association Convention, St. Louis, Missouri, November 2016

“Hemingway’s Uncanny Homelands,” Ernest Hemingway Society 17th Biennial International Conference, Dominican University, Oak Park, Illinois, July 2016

“When Gangster Eyes are Smiling: Reading & Teaching The Great Gatsby as a Gangster Novel,” 13th Biennial International F. Scott Fitzgerald Society Conference, Waterford, Ireland, July 2015

“Dressed in Whiteface: [Re]Fashioning Passing in the Harlem Renaissance Novel,” Twenty-sixth Annual American Literature Association Conference, Boston, Massachusetts, May 2015

“Re-Fashioning Flânerie: the Urban Flâneuse & Women’s Experiences of the Modern City.” Midwest Modern Language Association Conference, Detroit, Michigan, November 2014

“Solitaire Ambulante: Hemingway’s Modern “Man of the Crowd”—the Post-War Journalist Flaneur.” Ernest Hemingway Society Sixteenth Biennial International Conference, Venice International University, Venice, Italy, July 2014

“Let [Her] Eat [That Pink] Cake!: Public Eating & Appetite in Virginia Woolf’s Novels.” International Virginia Woolf Society Panel. University of Louisville Conference on Twentieth Century Literature and Culture since 1900, Louisville, Kentucky, February 2013

“Bloomsbury’s Underwear: The Petticoat and Other Sartorial Fetishes.” International Virginia Woolf Society’s “Sartorial Bloomsbury” panel, Modern Language Association Convention, Los Angeles, California, January 2011

“Social and Sartorial Elitism and the Dandy Figure in the Fiction of F. Scott Fitzgerald.” Tenth International F. Scott Fitzgerald Conference, Baltimore, Maryland, October 2009

“Consuming Misogynist Currencies: De/Valuing Women in Public Circulation,” Modernist Misogynies panel, Modernist Studies Association Convention, Los Angeles, California, 2007

“Consuming Sex & Gender in The Garden of Eden: Economic Power & the Female Expatriate Consumer,” “Hemingway and Consumerism panel,” American Literature Association Conference, San Francisco, California, May 2006

“Gendered Body Doubles: Mannequins, Commodification and Consumption in the Fiction of Jean Rhys.” Women’s Consortium of Modern Languages panel “Consuming Women,” Modern Language Association Convention, Washington, D.C., December 2005

“The ‘Mermaid Dress’ and the ‘Macintosh Coat’: Social Class, Clothing and Situating the Female Body in Mrs. Dalloway,” Thirteenth Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf, Smith College, Amherst, Massachusetts, June 2003

Panels Organized and Chaired
“Fashion and Literature.” Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association Conference, University of Calgary, Alberta, October 2007

“Clothing as Boundary.” Sixteenth Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf, University of Birmingham, England, June 2006

“Bridging the Semiotic Channels: Teaching Discussion and Oral Performance in the Writing Classroom.” 2019 Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCCs) Annual Convention, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, March 2019 (co-Presenter)

WPA Workshop for new Writing Program Administrators. Council of Writing Program Administrators Conference, Knoxville, Tennessee, July 2017 (Participant)

WPA Institute: “Institutional Ethnography.” Council of Writing Program Administrators Conference, Knoxville, Tennessee, July 2017 (Participant)

OU Writing Center Write Track Faculty Workshop Series, Spring 2017 (Presenter)

WEC Faculty Learning Committee Faculty Workshop Series, Spring 2016 (Presenter)

University of Oklahoma
Expository Writing Program
EXPO 4980 (Independent Study): Representations of Arab Women
EXPO 1213: Seeing is Believing (
EXPO 1213: American Gangster (
EXPO 1213 Expository Writing: What Is Work?
EXPO 1213 Expository Writing: Fashion & Identity

OU Honors College
HON 2973 (American Perspectives): American Gangster

OU Warrior Scholars Program
Writing Instruction Faculty: 2015-18

University of Nevada, Reno
Department of English
ENG/WS 426/627A: Women and Literature
ENG 449: British Literature Survey II
ENG 304: Topics in American Literature & Culture

Core Writing Program ENG 102 Composition II: Fashion & Identity
ENG 101: Composition I: From Private to Public Writing

University of Illinois, Chicago
Department of English
Instructor of Record
ENG 301: American Literature Survey
ENG 117: Introduction to Women and Literature
ENG 101: Understanding Literature,
ENG 101: Composition I: After 9/11: Terrorism in Context,
ENG 101: Composition I: Re-Negotiating Beauty

Teaching Assistant
ENG 301: American Literature Survey

Gender and Women’s Studies
Instructor of Record
GWS 117: Introduction to Gender and Sexuality in Literature

University of Oklahoma
Graduate Humanities Graduate Writing Group Coordinator 2016-
OU Veterans Scholarship Committee  2017-
OU Gender + Equality Faculty Ambassador for Expository Writing  2015-
Hiring Committee, Expository Writing  2009-11, 2015-16, 2017-18
Hiring Committee, Department of English Composition  2015-16, 2018
Pat Tillman Foundation Military Scholarship Committee  2014-
Expository Writing Program Editorial Staff, Brainstorm Magazine  2009
Expository Writing Faculty Cohort Committee  2009-11

University of Nevada, Reno
Core Writing Program Curriculum Committee, 2005-2008

University of Illinois, Chicago
Safe Zone Ally & Presenter Training, University of Illinois at Chicago 2002-04
Teaching Assistant Mentor,  First Year Composition Program 2003

Volunteer, Joseph Harp Correctional Center, Ada, Oklahoma 2017-

Specialist Reader, Multi-Ethnic Literature in the United State (MELUS) 2018-

AP Reader. AP Language & Composition. Educational Testing Service  2012-16

Oklahoma State Department of Education Common Core Standards EOI Test Blueprint Committee 2013-14

Review Consultant for Feminist Studies 2005

Society for Multi-Ethnic Literature in the United States (MELUS)
Modern Language Association
Modernist Studies Association
American Literature Association
Midwest Modern Language Association
International Virginia Woolf Society
F. Scott Fitzgerald Society
Ernest Hemingway Society
University of Oklahoma Green Zone

Literary Modernism
Harlem Renaissance novels of passing
19th and 20th-century British literature (aestheticism, decadence, modernism)
American Expatriate literature
19th and 20th-century American literature (Romanticism, Naturalism, Realism, Modernism)
Gender Studies—Women’s Studies
Feminist theory
Women’s literature—Women in/and literature
Fashion history and theory
Dandy figure/Dandyism
Consumption and Consumerism
Working Class Literature—Working Class Studies
Veterans Studies
Writing Pedagogy
Multi-modal Writing
Inclusive Teaching

REFERENCES available upon request