A Rather Unmanicanny Coincidence!

Unraveling the Mystery of a Mannequin from the Movie Manneqin…”

“But that’s all, erhm, window dressing. The real plot of the film, as lovingly described by Seanbaby, is “ancient cursed woman has noisy sex parties with Andrew McCarthy every night in a department store.” Mannequin also stars Meshach Taylor as a gay stereotype, Estelle Getty as a department store owner, James Spader as an evil department store manager, and G. W. Bailey as a night watchman. The film actually posits that Jonathan’s incredible window displays take 89 percent of business from other local department stores, in case you’re wondering if this movie about a mannequin that comes to life is realistic. Oh, and Emmy is actually an ancient Egyptian princess who has been Forrest-Gumping through history, having dated both Michaelangelo and Christopher Columbus before settling down with Jonathan. Mannequin makes Today’s Special look like Bicycle Thieves.”

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